Goldmaster Reviews and Quotes

“It is easy to see why the Goldmaster Allstars are fast becoming recognised as one of the leading Ska bands in the UK, the energy, and vibe they create is amazing!”... UK Reggae Guide

“The Goldmaster Allstars is a vibrant and dynamic 12-piece band performing laid-back rocksteady, heavy roots reggae and ska instrumentals and have worked with some of the greats” …

“The Allstars have a mixture of ska, rocksteady and reggae - It all went down very well with the crowd and created a real atmosphere” … BBC Suffolk Entertainment

“A new voice, a new beginning. From the start of the 21st century the Goldmaster Allstars have become a growing force on the UK World music scene” … Squeelfest

“Without doubt they are the masters of the reggae scene in South East England. Go see them!” … See Music

“The musicians perform at their best and the band as a whole makes a very solid impression. The Goldmaster Allstars are a powerful and energetic act to see With epic Ska instrumentals smooth Rocksteady vocal tracks and rude rolling Reggae riddims, The Goldmaster Allstars never fail to get everybody rocking” …

“The swelling ranks of the Goldmaster Allstars!” … United Reggae

“The Goldmaster Allstars - 12-piece Reggae outfit know how to put on a show” …

“An instrumental Ska band that feature female vocals with a blistering 4 piece horn section and backing vocals. On the UK world music scene for 10 years now the band have developed their very own ska style” … Band-me-up

“I can recommend the track ' Goldmaster Collective - Valley of the Kings ', some of the Dubs are pretty heavy, 70's J.A. Sound” … Blood and Fire